Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Olympia Soccer Game!!

We had so much fun at the soccer game! We watched a professional team form Uraguay, and the other one was from Paraguay.

The Jesuit Ruins

Our view from inside the crypt.
...but, Dallas was not. As you can see, he acted like he wanted to be there!
The crypt. I was hesitant to go down...
There were a few altars scattered around...hmm. I won't ask.

Podium. I am not sure if that is the technical term, but this is where sermons were delivered.
Baptisimal font.
The bell tower.

We think that these ruins were from the 1600's. This is what was left of the church.
We had their yummy food! Mandioca Empanadas were my favorite!
We borrowed their motorcycle.
What an great family. They were so wonderful to us while we were there.

There is a picture of Dallas when he was on his mission with a beautiful parrot on his shoulder. We visited that family while we were there, and I was so excited to see their parrots! This parrot on my arm was the same parrot that was on his shoulder. Even the parrot knew Dallas before I did...haha.

Names are escaping me, I wish I could remember everything. But this is the home of a Bishop in Paraguay. His family is so awesome. And according to Jesse and Marissa awesome cooks!
We visited members while we were there. This is a goalie and soccer goal that was in the front yard. The really do love soccer.

The first night in Ascuncion, we went to a stake dance. These two lovely ladies and the rest of their family were recent converts. Stake dances in Paraguay invite the entire families, so there were lots of people. I wish I could remember their names, but this little girl LOVED Dallas. He was so nice to her, and I could tell with everyone that he knew or met while we were there that he had a sincere love for the Paraguayan people.
And on our way out of the park we came upon these little guys. There were quite a few, and I don't know what they are?

Jesse and Marissa Jensen came with us on this wonderful trip. We were so grateful that they were able to come!

The biggest waterfall I believe was called Devils Throat. It was at the end, and we had to wear ponchos to keep dry.
We walked along a trail on the side of the mountain. At the end of the trail we were able to walk out onto this platform and really get a up close look. I have never been to such beautiful place.

Iguasu! The first day of our adventures we crossed the border into Brazil (after having our windows washed about 4 different times) and went to the GORGEOUS waterfalls of Iguasu!

Now for the fun part

The first morning there, just right outside our hotel were busy shopping streets lined with tons of just stuff. I loved that it was so busy. It was just a different experience. People from every which way approaching you to buy, buy, buy and I couldn't. I did not no spanish. So the one phrase that Dallas told me to use was, "No, gracias." haha
We arrived In Ciudad Del Este a day behind schedule, but still in good spirits. This was our plane, and we landed in the middle of nowhere.

The biggest fish we had ever laid eyes on!
Because we did not have access to our luggage that airport customer service gave us the "essentials" kit. I hear that and I think of Brian Reagan.
The first white tiger I have ever seen. And in an aquarium none the less. It was pretty neat, and the only thing separating us from him was a pane of glass.